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Fundamental of Digital Marketing
Live Course
12 week
৳10,000 ৳2,500
Course Description: Digital Marketing, The buzzword for today’s modern marketing world. Digital Platforms are changing our lives in every way...
12 Lectures
12 week
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৳10,000 ৳2,500

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Our courses contain on demand bit-sized, focused and engaging video lessons, which will make your learning more enjoyable and interesting.

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Along with our pre-recorded on demand video Courses we also offer Live Courses for those who wants to keep pace with us.

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To test your knowledge we have designed gamified quizzes which will make exam experience more enjoyable

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Our Course Contents are inspired by industrial leaders, therefore, we guarantee about the quality of our courses.

We believe everyone is unique and learning process is not same for everyone. Therefore, we offer different learning method for different individual. You can choose our on demand recorded video courses where you can schedule your learning time at your own choice or join our live class where you keep your pace with us.

We provide professional designed course certificates, however, we never put much emphasis on certifying you, our goal is to make you develop your skill.