Fundamental of Digital Marketing – Live Course

Fundamental of Digital Marketing

Course Description:

Digital Marketing, The buzzword for today’s modern marketing world. Digital Platforms are changing our lives in every way. Therefore, understanding how these digital platforms work and how they can be used for achieving business goals has become very important for marketers around the world.
Learner Express – As the school of Digital Marketing realizes the importance of understanding the Basics and therefore, released this course to strengthen the knowledge base for those who have just started with Digital Marketing. The “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” course has been designed for Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, and even Students. Therefore, everyone who has an interest in this discipline of marketing should start with this course.

Skills that you will achieve after completing this course :

After completion of this course, you will develop the following skills :

  • Learn about the different options to go digital
  • Select the right option that is appropriate for your business
  • Learn the strategies that you require to use while going digital
  • Learn about Search Engines and how to use them in favor of your business
  • Learn about Social Media Marketing platforms and use them to connect with your audience
  • Learn about Content Marketing and Email Marketing Basics
  • Most importantly using them practically in real life with tasks and assignments given to you

This course is right for you if…

You are:

  1. A student, A service holder or A Business man who wants to achieve any of the following:
    1. Convert your idea into business and start your own business
    2. Start your freelancing career in Digital Marketing
    3. Take your existing business to the next level
    4. Consider that some additional income always helps
    5. Currently not in service/ Covid has taken your job/ Not happy with your current job and want to start building your career in a sector that has prospect in future
  2. You are absolutely new in Digital Marketing or you know a little about digital marketing but wants to start from scratch
  3. You can employ 3 -4 hours a day to learn, study and research
  4. You Must have a Computer (Desktop/Laptop) – Doing this course on mobile devices will not help you
  5. Finally you have passion to become a Digital Marketer

This course is probably not for you if…

You are:

  1. You want to Earn Right Now!!!
  2. You already in an advance level of Digital Marketing
  3. You don’t have a Computer or Can’t employ time that is required for this course
  4. You expect to start earning just by doing this course
  5. You have problem with accepting changes

Class 01 : Introduction to Digital Marketing

Lesson 01 : What is Digital Marketing and Opportunities of Going Digital

এই ভিডিওতে আমরা জানবো Digital Marketing কি? কিভাবে Digital Platform আমাদের বর্তমান জীবনে প্রভাব ফেলছে এবং আমাদের Business কে এই Digital Platform কিভাবে help করতে পারে। আমরা এই সম্পুর্ন ভিডিওতে Digital Platform এবং Business opportunity নিয়ে কথা বলবো।

So let’s dive in।

Quiz 01 : What is Digital Marketing and Opportunities of Going Digital
5 questions

Class 02 : Steps of Online Success

Lesson 01 : Setting Online Business Goal, Building online Presence, Marketing online Presence, Analyze and adapt 01
Lesson 01 : Setting Online Business Goal, Building online Presence, Marketing online Presence, Analyze and adapt 02
Quiz 02 : Steps of Online Success
8 questions

Class 03 : Building Your First web presence

Lesson 01 : Building Your First web presence – Part 01
Lesson 01: Building Your First web presence – Part 02
Module Quiz
10 questions
Module Assignment 01

Class 04 : Planning Online Business Strategy

Lesson 01: Planning Online Business Strategy
Quiz 4: Planning Online Business Strategy
7 questions

Class 05 : Search Engine Marketing

Lesson 01 : Search Engine basics, Work process and how search see your web
Lesson 02: Organic and Paid Search – How they work, Google Search console

Class 06 : Digital Marketing Platforms – Search Engine Optimization

Lesson 01: Search Engine Optimization – Part 01
Lesson 02: Search Engine Optimization – Part 02

Class 07 : How to use Search Engine for achieving business goal

Class 07 – On page and off page SEO

Class 08 : Digital Marketing Platforms – Search Engine Marketing

Class 08 – SEM

Clas 09 : Improve search campaigns

Class 10 : Digital Marketing Platforms – Local listing/ Google my business

Class 11 : Digital Marketing Platforms – Social Media Marketing

Class 12 : Mobile Devices and opportunities for Marketers

Class 13 : Digital Marketing Platforms – content marketing

Class 14 : Digital Marketing Platforms – Email marketing

Class 15 : Digital Marketing Platforms – Display marketing

Class 16 : Digital Marketing Platforms – using video Content for marketing

Class 17 : Web Analytics - Track and measure web traffic

Class 18 : Building Online Shop – The concept of E-commerce

Class 19 : Looking Back

Answer 01

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Video: 40 Hours
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